Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where is Mahangate?

Mahangate is 34km north of Pomene and 145km south of Vilanculos in Mozambique. It is 45km south of the Bazaruto Archipelago.

2. What is the extent of the land and the beach frontage?

The development comprises 210 hectares of land and provide access to 50 hectares of beach. Each unit is built on a 2 500sqm stand with panoramic views of 6km of unspoilt beach.

3. What does the development comprise of (units & facilities)?

A total of 55 residential units are planned. There are 18 units in phase 1, 17 units in phase 2 and 20 units proposed in phase 3. A marina with watercraft storage facilities, fishery and a jetty will be within walking distance from the Phase 1 units. A commercial diving and fishing lodge will also be developed in Phase 2, 2km away from residential units. A light aircraft landing strip is planned on commencement of Phase2

4. Who are the developers/ directors?

Mahangate Beach Lodge Lda with directors Eduardo Roldao and Americo Malate

5. Will each unit have direct access to the beach?

Yes, each unit will have timber walkways leading to the estuary and the beach

6. What is the developer contributing to the general upgrade of the area?

The developer will build a new school for the local people in the area, together with a community centre, craft workshop and church. All general repairs and maintenance at Mahangate will be carried out by local tradesmen

7. Has development finance been raised for the construction of different phases?

Yes, all road works-, site works-, land right procurement process-, initial services installation-, temporary structures-, professional fees-, water testing-, land taxes, EIA-, marketing & presentation-, and the first unit’s construction cost have been financed by the development team.

8. What is the size of the property for each unit?

Each unit is built on a 2 500sqm stand. The typical 4 bedroom chalets have an interior area of 316 sqm, plus 65sqm covered exterior deck area, and 100sqm timber walkways/decks.

9. What parking facilities are available?

Each unit will have an optional double covered parking structure with staff ablutions/store room.

10. What arrangements are in place for ski boats?

A marina with optional watercraft storage facilities, fishery and a jetty will be within walking distance from the Phase 1 units. Additional storage facilities can be rented at Mavanza, 42km from Mahangate.

11. What finishes will be used?

Plastered & painted pre-cast block work, “chamfuta”/pot mahogany or similar hardwood wooden window and door frames, “jecca” roof covering, and pigmented grano floor.

12. What appliances will be available as standard fittings?

The following items with options will be included in the offer to purchase summary:

Gas stove & electric oven
Hot water kettle
Dining room table & chairs
Living room suite
Cutlery & crockery to suit number of beds per unit
Cooking utensils to ditto
Bed side lamps & tables
Beds, linen & curtains
Deck furniture including soft accessories
Pool maintenance equipment
Household cleaning equipment
All the above will be discussed in more detail during the course of the project.

13. Will there be staff accommodation?

Yes, staff accommodation facilities will be shared between a number of units. These facilities will be erected by the developer and are due for completion before the first unit is occupied.

14. Will pets be allowed?

Yes, but not advisable. Rules regarding pets will be adhered to as noted by the HOA (Home Owners Association).


1. How does land ownership in Mozambique work?

Mozambique, unlike South Africa, has a different method of ownership of property. The developer holds the cession of lease on the land and once construction of the home is completed, the cession of the lease is transferred into the name of the new owner(s).

Ownership of right of use, in accordance with Mozambican land law, will be given upon completion of each residence, by way of a renewable concession title which is transferable.

2. What is a fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership is the concept of dividing an expensive asset into percentage shares & selling those shares to individual owners. Each owner then gets a relative percentage use of the asset.

a. How does fractional ownership at Mahangate work?

Mahangate offers no more than 10 fractional shares per villa. Each share allows the purchaser access to 5 weeks a year usage- four weeks are predetermined and one flexible week on a first come first serve basis (for more info view the Fractional Ownership manual)

b. Isn’t Fractional ownership just another name for time share?

No. In time share the owner has rights over the units of “time” whereas in fractional ownership the owner has rights over his part of the title. This means that if the property appreciates over time, so do the shares and the shareholders value thus increases. Fractional owners can also sell their share whenever they see fit, this is not possible in timeshare.

3. Is bond finance available?

No. Because of the property ownership form one cannot secure a traditional immovable property bond.

4. What do buyers have to do to secure a unit?

Sign the “reservation of property” (valid for 30 days) and pay a 10% refundable deposit within 5 days. The “offer to purchase” must be signed and the balance needs to be lodged within 30 days of signing the offer to purchase.

5. Can units be bought as an investment and then rented out?

Yes, but only in accordance with rules as determined by the “rent-back scheme” and HOA. Further details will be given on request.

6. Who will own what?

The purchaser will own a fully exclusive right of use of the 2500msq land and improvements as set forth in the “offer to purchase” upon completion of the improvements and transfer.

The common property i.e roads, water pumping-, storage-, distribution system, electrical generation-, distribution system, landing strip and marina shall remain under the control and managed by the Home Owners Association. The HOA will have the power to enter into an agreement for rental of exclusive right of use for boat storage facilities with home owners.

7. What arrangements will be put in place to manage the development once it is completed?

The developer has given instruction to the investment attorney to transfer a predetermined lump sum to the HOA before its first meeting. The developer will also hand over capital equipment to enable the HOA to manage the communal property. The HOA will have the responsibility to manage the communal property as stated in the memorandum & articles of association. The developer will assist with issues regarding initial employment contracts, skilled labour, as-built drawings, etc when necessary.

8. What is the anticipated monthly levy and what will it cover?

The initial levy is estimated to be below R1000 per 4 bedroom private chalet. Additional levy income will be generated by the commercial lodge and phase 2 & 3 members.

9. Who is responsible for maintenance of the interior and exterior of unit?

The owner of each individual unit will be responsible for interior & exterior maintenance as determined by the HOA.