Diving and Snorkeling

Mozambique Fishing Lodge and Accommodation near VilanculosThe Indian Ocean boasts with some the world’s finest diving destinations. The crystal clear waters provide excellent visibility, and teamed with the abundance of sea life, promises truly memorable diving experiences!

The coastal area in front of Mahangate is still largely unexplored. Confirmed reefs in the area are the Tip reef (17km), Zambia reef (16km), Rico-arme reef (13km) and the Coja reef (9km). The Zambia shoal is between 5 -26m deep and stretches more than 15km running parallel to the coastline about 4km off shore. All these reefs provide a diverse & productive eco-system for thousands of brightly coloured marine species. Varying in depth from 10 – 40m both hard and soft coral are flush with exotic fish, eels and dolphins. Shark, Mantas, whale sharks and rays are also common sightings.

The Africa Banks reef system was previously mostly inaccessible from the lodges further to the north and south of Mahangate. Now Mahangate will be the gateway to this magnificent reef and the oceanic diversity that it has to offer.

Mozambique Fishing Lodge and Accommodation near Vilanculos

Tiger shark expert Mark Addison wrote the following after a recent research trip to Mahangate:

“Mahangate is certainly the gateway to the Africa Banks. The Africa Banks is in turn a phenomenal dive site with huge potential. The fact that we were able to see tiger sharks, whitetip reef sharks; scalloped hammerhead sharks; grey reef sharks; tawny nurse sharks and a whale shark in just four days of diving as well as many other species of ray and to cap it all the rare and elusive bowmouth guitar shark speaks volumes for my statement on the potential of this dive site.

The fish life was prolific and encouragingly all of the predatory resident reef fish were abundant and some of the largest specimens of individual species that I have seen anywhere. The herbivorous species were also abundant but they generally don’t suffer at the hands of fishing. My point being that the Africa Banks has not been affected by extractive use of any kind.

As for the corals and other reef life it was abundant and the sandstone base was well colonized. There were many places where you could spend a whole dive without moving and observe the coral and its community interacting. There are places here that will excite the coral fundi’s and macro specialists alike. All in all an exceptional destination with phenomenal animal and reef diversity that can cater for all qualifications, skill and interest levels.” (download full Reef Report)

The famous Bazaruto Archipelago is a mere 45km North of Mahangate. The bustling Estuary also provides the perfect spot for snorkeling for those who do not wish to venture out into the deep sea.